Life Happened – Birthdays, Christmas lunches and Allotments

On Wednesday, Ma, Christelle and I went for cocktails at the OXO Bar, to celebrate their birthdays and the end of my working week!

IMG_2476The perfect manhattan was perfect!

Ma and Christelle got Happy Birthday ice cream that came with gingerbread Santa and Mrs Claus.



Fun was had by all.

IMG_2491I also spend the day logging the progress of my rebellious flicky fringe.


On Thursday, Ma wanted to go to the dump, hey it was her birthday, she gets to to what she wants. She also brought all the packing boxes back to mine and we put them in the attic. So less than two weeks after she moved in, Ma is totally unpacked and her new flat is if not perfectly arranged (she’ll need to live in it a while) totally organised. Most people are surprised about this, I’m not. It’s just how Ma is! We also met Jane for dinner and she helped me tame the fringe!

Although I was off work, I did go in for the team Christmas lunch. We went to The Somers Town Coffee House, it was lovely and we drank far too much as is usual.



and evident from the photos!



I was rather taken with the flock wallpaper in the loos, I’m pretty sure my childminder had that wallpaper in her living room, when I was a kid!


I was home and in bed by 10pm but Saturday morning dawned bright and far to early for a Saturday given my night before, it was time to go and help with the allotment volunteer team. I’m on the waiting list for an allotment (current wait 3 to 4 years) but in the meantime, it’s good to get to know the guys and the allotments again!



Also there was cake!

So that done, I had a very quiet weekend with some chores and lots of reading.

This week is not going to be as eventful, which is a very good thing!















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