What I’ve Read – November 2014


November has not been a month of reading, I’m putting it down to the ‘November effect’ which is basically as it gets so much darker, my brain shuts down and I have just enough mental energy to deal with work and living that the bit of my brain reserved for reading just has to be diverted to that and so I only read 6 books and a couple of magazines! There’s always December to get my mojo back!

The Glass Republic and Our Lady of the Streets – Tom Pollock

I followed Luc and read both of these after The City’s Son. I struggled a bit with them, especially the last book, because I didn’t feel any connection to the big bad. In the first book, you had a sense of Reach as a force, of what his deal was, but I didn’t feel that sense in the next two books. Things I liked, that Pen finds herself, the world building in London Under Glass, the idea that the more scars you have the more beautiful you are, the idea of a reversed London where West London is the slums and East is where the rich people live (though I’m betting that the author didn’t grow up in West London – I did and while I would never call it a slum, and I never felt it was the mean streets it wasn’t exactly a land full of privilege and private schools), there were so many ideas buzzing through the books. Things that I didn’t like, motiveless big bad, all of the ideas made it a bit confusing.

Suddenly Last Summer – Sarah Morgan

I needed something light and easy and I enjoyed the hell out of it even though I felt that the issues where not actually issues if only the characters would use their words and talk to each other. It’s hard with this type of book to create a conflict that’s realistic and that can be resolved but I’m in a ‘no nonsense’ mood at the moment and this didn’t feel real to me. Having said that I then when straight onto the next one, so it couldn’t have been that much of a problem.

Maybe this Christmas – Sarah Morgan

I liked this one a whole lot better. Again characters should have used their words more and owned their nonsense (yeah it’s my issue of the season!). I loved that both of them finally got their act together and that the heroine did own her issues and sort them before the HEA, that makes me happy. The whole book also made me want a puppy!

Archangel’s Shadows – Nalini Singh

I’m upfront about my ‘Nalini Singh book crack problem’, so I was going to read this straight away. Good points, Asian heroine, serious lack of stereotypes, the world building is moving along. Bad point, I thought that the reason h/h couldn’t be together and how that was resolved was all a bit handwave-y but I’ll give it a pass.

Raging Star – Moira Young

The last of the Dustlands trilogy. I love Saba’s voice, that she’s honest with herself, even as she lies to try and keep a grip on the life she has and the good opinion of others. Some of the plot felt a little to convenient and I’m always, if not exactly happy, glad when there are actually horrible consequences for the heros. All of three of the books would make good Christmas presents.

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