Life Happened – Moving, Anniversaries and Roast Dinners

It was a big week chez Dempsey.

On Monday we moved Ma.


I was responsible for putting the bed and the shelves together..

IMG_2441IMG_2444I did an alright job!

Ma hired two men and a van and with Ben it was a quick easy job. Ben took me home and I have never been so glad to have a brother that drives a cab.



The rest of the week passed as weeks do, I had a doctors appointment where we talked about my sleep issues and the doctor confirmed that I wasn’t being a wimp but had actually sprained my right ankle, it’s been hurting for a couple of weeks, he thinks I sprained it and then went over on it again. The lovely thing about having had the same dr since you were a teenager, is that he knows my right ankle is weak and just tells me what I need to do to help it because he also knows that I don’t expect miracles!

I went to work, didn’t sleep as much as I wanted to and got to Friday. I saw godchildren 2 to 5 on Friday but they were all good. I then went to Jo’s for dinner and to deliver godchild no 6 an advent calendar.


Jo’s friends Sally and Mark were also there for dinner, which was really good fun!


So much fun, I ended up staying the night. On Saturday morning after reading Esio Trot to Ms T and having coffee, I went home, shopped and eventually ended up at Kathy and Adam’s for Thanksgiving. It was the children’s first Thanksgiving, I would show you photos but there’s still a photography bam because of the adoption which is just as well because I’m not sure those two ever stop moving and this is probably the best one I got all evening, it’s a self portrait from their youngest!



On Sunday, staying in bed was what I really wanted to do.

However, I pulled on my big girls pants and got out of bed (at 7.30am) and sorted myself out. We had lunch it was good, Oli managed to shake sprinkles everywhere (by accident) and a good day was had by all. It’s hard for Oli being the only child in the family but he copes really well, Ma and I bought him the same advent calendar that I bought for Ms T!


Ma stayed the night but we were both so tired it was an early night!

And that was the week. This week is all go, there’s a trip to the OXO Tower with Ma and Christelle, dinner with Jane, my work team Christmas lunch, volunteering at the allotment and Ma’s birthday. It’s exhausting just thinking about it!













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