Friday Links

Happy Friday! How happy my Friday will be really depends how well the painting goes today, I’d love to revel in a day off work but I’ll be working today but for my mother rather than in the office!


Here are this week’s links….

1. How many benefit cheats are there? Worth pointing out that the cost of tax evasion is higher. Also as someone who has claimed benefit, it’s not an easy option.

2. Introverts. These are my people!

3. Aditya Chakrabortty on Richard Benyon and the New Era estate and housing in general.

4. I love the effort that goes into designing fonts. Dyslexie font.

5. This just made me really cross. I used to judge child-free women. I just people who don’t have any sensitivity and assume that their choices are the only ones worth making.

6. I really need to keep up with what Ealing Council is doing. I didn’t know they planned to sell off the Town Hall.

7. The Philae lander has sent back pictures. It’s an amazing thing. I can’t quite get myself as worked up about it as everyone else seems to be. ‘Cause yes is it an amazing thing, like landing on the moon, but if we can do these things, why can’t we sort out pollution, why are children still dying from polio? I know, I’m being a downer but wish as a species we could spend time solving things here.


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