Life Happened – Weekly Recap

Last week I decided to start as I meant to get on and be organised. I’d had a really lovely weekend but the flat was festering a bit, it wasn’t really messy but I was starting to feel that it was on top of me. My aim for the week was to get on top of the laundry and get on top of the housework. I started with 2 rules for the week, the first – ‘put it away, not down’ and the second ‘just get it done’.

So Monday evening found me hoovering the hall and being busy and the week pretty much continued like that. It’s probably a good job things were quiet at work!

I also made a point of getting out of the office at lunch time for a walk, which I think really improved my mood, it is getting darker and I do have to keep on top of the SAD even though it’s early, early days!

I also went to the dentist, not nearly as bad as I expected and hurrah for behaving like a grown up!

I finished the work week feeling pretty good and very excited for OCMS on Friday night. I love OCMS, the only thing they could do to make them love me more was record a Christmas album, they came pretty damn close by singing ‘Streets of London’ on Friday. That song was something I sang loads at school (that and ‘Downtown’) and I still know every word!


They are amazing, I love them…

On Saturday, after I made pancakes for breakfast but put peppermint extract instead of vanilla in them!

There was shopping, (two new pairs of work trousers, a pair of boots and underwear), I’m really not good at shopping and that was quite enough for me, so Ma and I went to drink champagne (always a good thing) and discuss her new flat and all of the things we need to do to it before moving day.  Ma is pretty organised so I don’t think it’s going to be a problem but there is a lot to do!


Ma came home with me and stayed the night so Sunday was an indoors sort of a day, I didn’t do food shopping and I burnt a pan…


I am my mothers daughter and never more so than when I burn stuff….but overall a good week and a good weekend. The coming week is all about adjusting to the clocks going back and gearing up to a busy couple of weeks with Ma moving and birthdays coming and all the stuff that needs to get done in the last 9 and a half weeks of 2014,  also some celebration of the fact that it’s still warm enough to wear fit flops, my feet are grateful for the reprieve!


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