The weekend

Things I did this weekend…

…read The Very Hungry Caterpillar to a 22 month old

…caught up and drank wine with the 22 month old’s mum

…boggled at how big 22 month old was and enjoyed watching him explore my flat and chat (he’s very chatty!)

…had my hair cut and coloured. (I like to go into my birthday without the grey hair visible!)

…had a lovely lunch with my mother and ate a really good steak!

…read two books

…cleaned 2 kitchens and two bathrooms (only one of each were mine)


…did the food shopping (again this week, I will be mostly eating hummus and toast)

…worked out what I was doing about a new wardrobe, which is the last major piece of furniture I need for the bedroom. It’s only taken 5 years…

…finished Saturday’s paper (on Sunday but reading the whole thing is one weekend is a triumph, I tell you, a triumph)

…did 4 loads of  laundry

…ironed 10 items of clothing

…changed the bed


…went to bed at 10pm on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights (this is what happens when you get to 40, people)

…was out of bed and doing things before 8am on Saturday and Sunday (see above)

…was out of the house before 9:30am on Saturday and Sunday (it’s like I don’t know who I am anymore)

…spoke to the eldest godson and have booked 26 August 2015 in my diary to attend his wedding (that makes me feel much older than 40)


…got and removed a splinter from my thumb

…made sourdough

…ruined my nail varnish and had to replace it.

Things I didn’t do this weekend…

…buy cherries


…buy cheese from The Cheddar was a close thing though..

…pick up my dry cleaning

…take a shirt that makes me look like a sofa back to the shop..


What did you get up to this weekend?

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