Food this week

Happy Monday. Actually, at 6am this morning, I was not happy at all. The thoughts going through my head were more of the ‘How can it be Monday already?’ possibly..ok, almost certainly..more sweary than that but in that ballpark.

Then I dragged myself out of bed, ate some toast, said hi to Ma (who stayed the night), Ma was mostly singing the German national anthem and being very happy (some would say she was gloating, she was definitely gloating) about her winning the family World Cup bet.

But the sun is shining, godchildren 2 to 5, called me and left a message on my phone singing La Marseillaise because it’s Bastille Day! Sarah called to say hi and I got over my slight ‘Oh my God, Monday’ mood and started to enter into the week with some enthusiasm.

On to this weeks menu plan. I’m still working on using what’s in the freezer a bit more but there are loads of leftovers in the fridge so that’s what I’m trying to use up. I made a loaf of sourdough yesterday so breakfast will probably be toast and eggs. There is a ton of aubergine parmigiana from River Cottage Veg (this is the recipe) leftover from yesterday’s lunch and that with some salad will be lunch for a couple of days.


There is also half a cherry pie in the fridge and I don’t think that will last long at all!


Dinners will be the spinach/chickpea thing, a hash of lentils, vegetables and chicken (also leftovers from the weekend), and a frittata, the remains of this will be lunch once the aubergine parm has gone.

Friday is as ever, pain au raisin and coffee for breakfast and pizza for dinner!

What are you eating this week?




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