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Happy Friday or as I like to call it ‘Pain au raisin’ day. I caused general cultural confusion in a cafe in DC this year when I asked for a coffee and a pain au raisin. It took some pointing but in DC they’re ‘raisin escargot’, which I found baffling, if you’re going to use a French word for something surely it makes more sense to use the correct one?  Two peoples divided by a common true.

How was your week? Mine was busier than I expected with later nights due a busy work week, a migraine on Monday and the football, especially on Wednesday night when Argentina v. Holland went into extra time and penalties. Yes, I did go to bed at 9.30pm yesterday and I am not ashamed. All in all though it feels like it was a pretty successful week, I finally sat down and wrote the paper that I’d been putting off because I hate writing those things. People should just do what I say, not ask me to justify my reasons! You may call it bossy, a colleague in jest called it authoritarian, I call it directive!

My weekend plans are limited to not doing much and Sunday lunch with my mother, which if the weather continues in it’s grey and dreary vein is not too much of an issue. Here are this week’s links…

1) Robin Lustig on Israel.

2) Candidate for office admits that she had a termination because she wasn’t ready to be a mother. My first thought when I read this was something along the lines of “that’s brave”, why it’s brave for a woman to be open about having a legal medical procedure says a lot about the general attitude to abortion and woman who have them.

3) I thought that everyone knew that the British plug was a design classic. Apparently not.

4) Good reviews for The Crucible, which is good because I’m going to see it on my birthday and it’s nearly 4 hours long…

5) Lost in Showbusiness on tax avoidance with style.

6) This. What’s the worst thing about cycling? Other cyclists.  I don’t drive and I don’t cycle but my daily walk to King’s Cross from the office is made more dangerous by cyclists going through red lights and then calling me names for having the temerity to be walking across the road. I do think that we should have proper cycle lanes, separated from the road but I also think that cyclists should have to take a test to cycle on the roads in the same way that drivers do, because, as a pedestrian, cyclists scare me in a way that car drivers don’t.

7) Food banks and why demand is up. Just read it.

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