Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s the 4th of July, Americans celebrate Independence Day, the British don’t but losing that one enabled us to beat Napoleon, you win some, you lose some. It’s also 5 years since I moved into my flat. That went quickly..


It’s also the first day of my weekend, I’ve had a week that required a day off doing very little. I will do some reading and I may do some chores but it’s a day devoted to not having to do anything and probably lying in!

So this week’s links….

1) Tony Benn was right about a lot of things.

2) Dilemmas for book lovers. Been there, done most of them and don’t have a TV not because I don’t watch TV but because there’s nowhere to put it because of the bookshelves…

3) Engraved Rolling pins, yes I’d like one!

4) I quite like the Queen but Catherine Bennett sums up why I’m a republican.

5) Why making your home ‘company ready’ is a bad idea. I love this, you should keep your house tidy because it makes your life better.

6) The SCOTUS decision on Hobby Lobby is, to this NHS baby, horrifying. It when stuff like this pops up, I realise how lucky I am that the cost of contraception has never been something I worry about.

7) The Guardian editorial about Israel and Palestine. My brother is in Tel Aviv this week, they went over for a wedding. Ben spoke to Ma last night and said that it’s seems that neither side will listen to the other. Which is about the sum of it.

8) How the Tories hit the poor. We are so not all in it together.


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