Small Changes

Remember back in April, when I admitted that I needed a kick up the behind?

It has taken a while, but I spent June actively trying to make some of the changes that I needed to make. I’ve done enough counselling to know that, my slump wasn’t really about being lazy and that it needed something other than willpower but I’m allergic to the ‘listen to your inner goddess’ or ‘examine your navel’ form of….well anything.  I’m the girl, who’s criteria for a therapist/counsellor was that they were sensible, I also knew that I didn’t need to go back and see the therapist because this isn’t about how I cope with awful tragedy, it’s about how I cope with the everyday practicalities of the human condition. The therapist suggested some coaching and I been reading Krissie‘s blog for ages and I trust her not to be too woo woo and I’ve watched her do stuff that makes her heart happy, so I signed up to her beFULL course.

It’s been a reassuring and challenging month and I’m sure I’ll witter on about it more later on. However, I’m me and I’ve made some practical changes this month that have really helped.This month the action has changed my attitude because I was ready for it too and because I could link the action to what it did, but generally I’m a huge fan of how much you can change your attitude by taking action when you really don’t want to, I’d thought that I’d lay out what I’ve been doing this month.


Yeah, I never thought it would have such an impact or that I’d enjoy it but 15 to 20 minutes every night before I go to bed has been transformative. It’s a gentle, stretching, calm down end of the day routine and I’m sleeping better and my back and knees don’t hurt so much.

Tidy house

I’m pretty good about keeping the house tidy but where I do fall down is during the week. So I’ve been really intentional about getting the things I don’t like to do, done every day. So I’ve been diligent about making sure that the dishes are done and tomorrow’s lunch is sorted every day, before bedtime, I have a quick 5 minute walk around the flat putting things away, I’ve been ironing and putting laundry away as soon as it’s dry instead of leaving it until the weekend. It’s a pain when I want to go and read after dinner but waking up in the morning to a tidy flat and knowing that I have clothes to wear that don’t need ironing makes difficult mornings go better and good mornings fantastic.

Self Care

I’ve been looking after my nails and feet. I live in flip flops in the summer and also they are comfortable my feet get dirty and dry, hobbits have better looking feet! So I’ve been making sure that my feet are moisturised each night and pedicuring them once a week. My feet will never be beautiful but the look much better.

Changing my journey home

I’ve started to walk to Kings Cross to go home, it’s a longer journey but it gives me a 15 minute-ish walk every day and very little helps!



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