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Happy Friday! Yesterday was the first day of the World Cup. And this is a public service announcement for those of you that don’t like football (or soccer as some misguided people call it!). I know, I understand, I don’t like or understand rugby or cricket or hockey or cycling or X Factor or Britain’s Got Talent or lots of other sports or games and entertainment that other people really love and talk about all the time. I do like football, as it goes I’m the least fanatical football person in my family, and the World Cup is special and there will be some World Cup stuff floating around the next couple of weeks. I know Fifa is corrupt but so is the IOC and I didn’t hear people who were excited about the Olympics (you may recall, I was not!) accepting that as a reasonable excuse for why I was mardy about them! It’s four weeks, it’ll be over soon.

1) Ready or not, this is Brazil’s moment. Just for this – “We always live in a crisis, but the football comes along and we forget everything.”

2) Melvyn Bragg is fed up with people slagging off the working class.

3) Zoe Williams tastes tests low calorie, low alcohol wines. If you want a recommendation, this isn’t for you, if you want to laugh, then go ahead and read.  – “A phenomenal waste of human endeavour – it has no more body than grape juice, yet lacks even the slender charm of that. At the risk of sounding like Samuel Beckett, it tastes only of absence”

4) According to my mother, the best way to get a perfect lemon meringue pie, is to get my Aunt Jude to make it. This is probably true, Jude is brilliant at pastry, Ma not so much. For those that don’t have access to my aunt, here is a recipe.

5) More World Cup love from someone who doesn’t even like football.

6) Which World Cup team are you? I’m Germany, apparently but I want to be Brazil!

7) How should we commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo? Well, I’ll be commemorating the 199th anniversary by going up to Aplsey House this weekend (English Heritage is doing some stuff this weekend and next) and on the actual day (18 June) Ma will be sending me ‘updates’ on the progress of the battle (she takes this stuff very seriously!)

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