Friday Links

Happy Friday, this is another one of my 4 day weeks, I’m going to spend the day in Brighton tomorrow with Christelle and Mike and C’s brother and sister-in-law. Luckily the weather has taken a turn for the better, so the seaside should be a nice place to be. This weekend is busy-ish. Ma and I are at the theatre on Saturday afternoon (A View from the Bridge at the Young Vic) and then going straight up to Watford to babysit Oli for the night. I think the plan is pizza and Uno!

Ma is staying with me on Saturday night, so Sunday will probably be a lazy day with breakfast at Papillon and maybe a walk. Here is some reading for over the weekend!

1) Stop saying eating clean.

2) This probably comes under things that the NHS do not cover and I could never afford, but if I had the money, I’d do it and it’s not about not loving my body as it is, it’s about sometimes not wanting to wear undergarments, a small family could camp in!

3) So last Sunday was Mother’s Day in the US. (Another thing they’re wrong about!) This is both informative and slightly horrifying!

4) Grief and eating. I remember that when Grandad was dying, Ma was basically living on a small sherry and hula hoops for dinner. I lost a lot of weight when Stef died (when I’m really happy or really unhappy, I can’t eat) and I remember thinking at the time that my life had gone completely sideways but at least I was thin! We all do it differently but it’s a really strange time..

5)  A baboon troop had a change of culture when all the bullies died off. There is hope for us yet and also how cool is it that we call a group of baboons ‘a troop’..

6) Ok so after the wash out that was Chelsea’s season, I may be getting excited for the World Cup. I really don’t expect England to do that well but I am happy that Ashley Cole, who wasn’t selected for the England set up, reacted better than this. Also I love Didier Deschamps so no being nasty to him either.

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