My family are pretty normal and straightforward. Ok, so Ben and I are closer to Mum than most adult children are to their parents but that’s cause she’s pretty awesome. Aside from that we don’t really stand out from the crowd, none of us are artists or musicians, we are not going to run the county or invent the next Google (although if one of us is, my money’s on Laura).

There is one area in which we excel. We are really, really good at being silly. It’s something that Ma and Dad were good at and has re-emerged since Oli was born, you can be sillier when you’re with a small child, but from the ‘teeny, tiny monks‘ on Holy Island to being the only adults on the merry-go-round. We are silly.

So on Monday when we went to the park, of course we all went on the swings and the zipwire.


Ma declined to have a go and that meant that she was taunted with chicken noises for the rest of the afternoon.


Later on there was a champion game of Uno. On Tuesday morning this was the text conversation between me and my brother.


(for those that don’t get it, the fastest animal on land is a cheetah!)

This is my family, we are silly.


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