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Happy Friday, this weekend is another 4 day weekend for me as I’m off work today (cooking for Ryan’s engagement party – how am I old enough that I have a godson who is 29 and engaged?) and Monday is a Bank Holiday. This weekend features cooking and a haircut and colour (hurrah I can hardly see through my fringe!), an engagement party and lunch with the family in Watford which reminds me that I really need to charge the iPad. I may even get to see Jo and Ms T as they are back for a week. So, it’s all good! Here are some things I read this week!

1) Simon Russell Beale in a Guardian webchat.

2) This is fascinating. My friends Matt and John are from Pittsburgh and now I understand so much more about how they speak.

3) This is just awful. I don’t believe in the death penalty and I’m so glad that we don’t have it here, although I am aware there are a whole bunch of people who think we should. If killing people is wrong, it cannot be right for the State to do it. Two wrongs, don’t make a right.

4) And, as ever, someone else says it better than me.

5) This is why I didn’t take antibiotics when I had bronchitis. In fact I’ve only resorted to them twice in the last 15 years or so (I also had a really bad reaction – colitis and hallucinations – fun!). I think it’s hilarious when one of the practice doctors tries to dissuade me from them before we’ve discussed what’s wrong with me, my actual doctor knows that I don’t ask for them, I ask him what I can do to get better without them.

6) For non-British people this won’t make any sense but tinned baked beans are like marmite, you either love them or hate them. For both marmite and baked beans I come down firmly on the side of ‘these things are the work of the devil’.  If you love them, then this how to cook is for you and if you don’t read the comments!

7) Why fitness apps will only get you so far.

8) Finally Labour propose something useful. Having said that this emphasis on ‘Generation Rent’ bugs me. My grandparents rented, my parents rented, I rent (although Ben and Lu don’t) it’s what the working classes do!

9) A short history of apples in the USA. It’s not really but I didn’t know half of this stuff, fascinating.

10) The gender bias in drinks. I’m one of the whiskey drinking woman because I like it. I tend to go for cocktails that don’t contain fruit. But I do try to to cater to my fruity drinks loving friends without judgement and liked drinking some of them. People should be allowed to like what they like. I like the taste of whiskey and gin and vermouth, so that’s what I drink, I’m certainly not trying to keep up with the boys but it always used to amuse me when the waiter gave me the fruity drink and the whiskey to the guy.

11) While we’re on the subject of drink, drunk monkeys!

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