What happened last week

I spent most of last week, worrying about the mysterious rash and feeling quite tired. I do get brownie points for not taking any time off sick, I really wasn’t that sick I was just really tired, when I’m sick even the tinest bit my body reacts by making me sleepy. Given that generally I haven’t slept for more than 5 hours in a row for the last 9 years, this means I come home from work, have a nap for about an hour and then get up and sort myself out for the next morning, then go back to bed about 9.30pm and sleep until about 2am, spend 2 hours not sleeping and sleep until 5.30 ish. It makes me significantly not fun to be around and I spent most of the week, in bed or at work…


On Friday night, I met Christelle for drinks and took no photos, it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other and we were far to busy talking…

On Saturday morning, Max and I finally met for coffee and Murphy came too. We went to W7 in Hanwell, which is lovely and has good cake!


Lovely to catch up with Max, Murphy is going through the nearly 3 year old phase of needing mummy’s attention all the time (I remember it well with Oli) but she was pretty good and when we walked home, fell fast asleep!


I also made a birthday cake for Adam…


Which Kathy tells me was a hit! It’s always nice to know.

I did some housework but was so tired by about 7pm, I decided not to go to Grace, it starts at 8pm and by the time we’ve finished up, I’m not home until gone 11pm and I was just to tired for conversation.

On Sunday, I wanted to finish any tidying in the house and prep for next week. I’m going to the theatre on Monday night and it’s Easter next week so we have Friday and the following Monday off! Man, I love bank holidays, but because I have to fit five days work into four it’s makes for a busy week! Other than that, inspired by the weather, I went for a run, this has taught me some important things, 1) I’m out of shape, 2) I need to get another inhaler and 3) I need to run more often…

How was your week? What are your plans for this one?








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