The Weekend

The weekend started with theatre. Red Velvet at the Tricycle. I really wanted to like this but I didn’t. The acting was good, the play should have been more interesting than it was. Some of it was funny, some of it was sad and shocking but I just didn’t feel it.



On Saturday, it was sunny. I wore my sunglasses for what feels like the first time in ages.



I was busier on Saturday than I expected to be. I bought proper Cheddar to take to DC with me! Had coffee with Ryan, in his and Claire’s new flat and visited Kathy and Adam and got meet their new kids! They are adorable, but you’ll have to take my word for it! The way adoption works here means that you can’t share the children’s names or photos on social media so no photos but they are really cute and very funny and K & A make great parents and one day they’ll get to sleep again!

On Saturday night, there was pizza and rest, I was in bed at 10pm like the old lady I am!



On Sunday, after a long conversation with my brother, which was nice. I did some stuff around the house and some food prep for the week. I got my suitcase out of the cupboard, found my passport and ESTA number, and make some lists. I really can’t emphasise how much I suck at packing and the weather forecast for DC is interesting and features snow, so I have no idea what to pack!

This week is all about getting through it so I can have a holiday. This holiday was due in September and I’m ready for a break!




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