Friday Night Cocktail

This week’s is a complete departure for me because it’s got vodka in it. I’m not a big vodka drinker and didn’t have any vodka at home until Christmas, when I got given some. This vodka is special, it’s Black Cow and it’s made in Dorset from milk.

Blueberry vodka sour

Honestly, I can’t tell you that it’s better than x vodka because it’s smoother or whatever, I don’t know enough about how most vodka tastes and I’m not exactly a supertaster.

But anyway there’s a bottle of vodka in the drinks cupboard and there was a jar of blueberry syrup from making the blueberry granola breakfast pots at the weekend.

Blueberry vodka sour

I’ve been drinking it a like squash, diluting the syrup with water and adding a squeeze of lime juice, which tasted pretty good. Then I added booze! I like sour tastes and for me this works better with a little less syrup but most other people prefer it at the levels below, so feel free to play with the amounts.

Blueberry vodka sour


1 1/2 ozs blueberry syrup

1oz of lime juice

2 oz of vodka



Put all the ingredients in a rocks glass, mix, add ice, drink.

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