Happy Birthday…

Today is Ma’s birthday, I won’t say how old but it’s not late middle age no matter how much she tells me it is!


She isn’t a perfect person or a perfect parent because no-one is. She is the perfect parent for Ben and me. She’s also a pretty great grandma, even when that involves helping Oli rescue people from the terror of the stairs at Aunty Nic’s!



My maternal grandmother died when Ma was 14 (just 14!) and I’ve always thought that part of the reason she was so different from other mothers (and this isn’t a humble brag, it’s a full on brag, my mother is fantastic!) is that when Ben and I were teenagers, she didn’t an example to follow, so just made it up as she went along. One of the reasons that we work as a family is Ma, she is the rock that Ben and I have pushed out from. She’s special and I know that we all are glad we have her.

Happy Birthday Ma!


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1 Response to Happy Birthday…

  1. Ma says:

    Thanks, Nic

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