Weekend Tasklist

Time for the general run down of stuff that needs to get done.  Most of the house stuff needs to be done today because Ryan is coming for dinner tonight and I’m spending Sunday looking for new boots and something to wear for the office party.  Fortunately, I have Monday off work so I can at catch up if I don’t get it all done.



  • General clean (sort out the recycling and rubbish, mopping the floor and general cleaning)


  • Food prep for the week, breakfasts and lunches
  • Make bread


  • General clean (mop floor, change towels, empty bin, clean bath, sink and toilet)
  • Sort out area behind this plant



  • General clean (mop floor, change bed, dust, general tidy

Living Room

  • General clean (sweep floor, dust, tidy sofa, put things away etc)


  • Hoover

General House things

  • Washing (clothes wash, white wash, towel wash)
  • Ironing
  • Wash make up brushes
  • Water plants
  • Shopping
  • Back up laptop
  • Charge kindle and camera batteries
  • Send out Christmas CD’s (it’s not too late to shout if you want one, think of it as my gift to you for reading the blog, just drop me an email!)
  • Sort out Christelle’s birthday present
  • Sort out Ma’s birthday present

I think that’s plenty to be going on with!

What’s on your list this weekend?

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