2013 Christmas Songs

Because I was sick from Tuesday and had a very quiet and boring weekend. With the exception of the Grace@xx service and Ma coming over for lunch I did very little so a weekend update seems silly.

While Ma was here on Sunday, she reviewed (and approved) the 2013 Christmas CD. The Christmas CD started in 2010, when godchildren 2 & 3 found the tapes that their uncle and father used to make. We made one in 2010 and now we make one every year and inflict it on the people that we love.


This year we’d like to inflict it on more people, it’s what Stef and Keir would have wanted!

Would you like a CD of Christmas music? If so, you can let me know in the comments or email me at nic06dempsey@gmail.com and we’ll get a CD to you. If you actually know me in real life and don’t already get a CD and want one, now is the time to let me know!


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