Friday Links

Happy Friday, today I’m heading up north for my much anticipated holiday!  I’ve been so busy sorting things out, I haven’t got many for you this week.

1) Fascinating if a little gruesome, the economics of suicide.

Marcotte’s study found that after people attempt suicide and fail, their incomes increase by an average of 20.6 percent compared to peers who seriously contemplate suicide but never make an attempt. In fact, the more serious the attempt, the larger the boost—”hard-suicide” attempts, in which luck is the only reason the attempts fail, are associated with a 36.3 percent increase in income. (The presence of nonattempters as a control group suggests the suicide effort is the root cause of the boost.)

2) Christians in England are not persecuted. Not even Catholics!

Such shrill claims and silly court cases only serve to shore up any feelings of intolerance that might exist. Undoubtedly, there is some cultural prejudice against Christians; it is seen as uncool to go to church and they are a soft target for second-rate comedians. Yet it is impossible to take seriously claims they are a persecuted minority in an Orwellian state when the Queen is defender of the Church of England’s faith and they have 26 bishops in parliament, even though Christians now comprise considerably less than two-thirds of our population

3) Get your kids vaccinated. I know, it feels odd to be sticking needles in small children but that feeling is nothing compared to how you’ll feel if they get measles or whooping cough. We didn’t have MMR when I was a kid I had all the vaccinations as scheduled except for measles, which I caught before I was due for vaccination.

OK, so we lived in Hackney, with a diverse immigrant population, sometimes arriving from countries where those diseases are still active. In fact, our borough was one of the few places in Europe where tuberculosis was actually making a comeback. But not in my house – I mean, we had a washing machine and a fridge full of organic vegetables and surely, you know, only weak and sickly people could catch it?

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