The Day in Food: Back on Track

Over the last couple of weeks, my eating has got a little bit less controlled and therefore a little bit less healthy.

I’m tired of saying it so I’m guessing that you’re tired of hearing it but it goes back to March being consumed by me being sick. One of the great things about health is that it’s a self sustaining loop. When I eat well and exercise a bit, then I’m less tired and more able to ensure that I’m planning to be healthy. Equally the hangover from feeling ill and tired for a month is that I just didn’t have the energy to sort out proper food prep or think about how I was going to feed myself. My goal was to make it through a day at work, go home, eat and go to bed. Although I’m better now, my planning has not been and it’s not been helped by the amazing amount of sweets, cake and chocolate that have been doing the rounds of the office since Easter.

Over this weekend, my eating was more restrained, I was busy enough that I only ate when I was hungry and I ate much less. This got me thinking about how much of my eating over March was about trying to stay awake and how much of my eating has beeb eating for the sake of it rather than because I’m hungry. I’m still pretty happy that it didn’t go totally mad but I can do better.

So my focus for this week has been to limit sugar, drink more liquid, eat less meat and get a bit more fruit and veg in my diet. This started on Monday.


tea/water with berroca/small glass apple juice/two egg cups/half a pepper/stick of celery

DSCF4207 DSCF4205

Egg cups are so handy for workday breakfasts, I often pack them up and eat them at my desk in the morning (not the best way to eat breakfast but better than stopping for a pastry on the way to work!)


pearl barley and chickpea salad/slice of banana bread/ Dr Pepper

DSCF4210 DSCF4214 DSCF4213

The salad is becoming one of my favourite, other that the chickpeas and pearl barley, there’s a courgette, some feta, roasted tomatoes, a mix of black and green olives and a lemony dressing. The additions stop it from being bland. The banana bread is the sugar I allow myself as is the Dr Pepper.

Snacks and drinks (eaten through the day)

lemon and ginger tea/water x 3


plum/orange/a date bite


applesauce/a date bite


half a pepper/a carrot/5 cucumber slices/3 mushrooms



Leftover saute



With sausage, black pudding, new potatoes, spinach and cabbage and leeks.

What are you eating this week?

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