The Weekend

This weekend started on Friday afternoon, when work finished and team building began. We all went to lunch and then to Bounce for ping pong. I was really surprised that I was better at it than I thought I would be, I played five games and won four! However, I also dropped a pint of beer over myself, so spent the rest of the afternoon smelling quite yeasty!



I left at 5.30pm because I was flagging and I’d already arranged to go and see Tina and Charles.  It was lovely to see them and we talked about the new house and painting, what’s going on with various people we both know and all sorts of other things. By 8pm, Tina was obviously flagging and it was time to go home.


The weather this weekend has not been good, on Saturday, I awoke, with the rest of London, to snow. That decided me and I stayed indoors all day and read a book.

Of course the downside of a day doing absolutely nothing is that eventually you need to do things. So on Sunday, I did the housework (so much washing), did the shopping, did the prep work for next week and cooked lunch for me and Ma, who came round after her very cold morning on the piazza outside Westminster Cathedral, with CWO. She reports that the people going into church this morning were quite nice, even when they disagreed with them, which is not always the case!


While I was putting out the recycling, the ginger cat ran upstairs and made himself (I’m assuming it’s a he) quite comfortable! I really don’t know what to do about the ginger cat, he seems to be well fed and cared for but he doesn’t have a collar. I often find him huddled on my doorstep in the porch in the morning which doesn’t seem something a cat with a home would do.  I don’t feed him and he’s very affectionate but also quite shy. I don’t know if he has a home or not. Anybody have any advice?


That was pretty much the weekend. I’m feeling much better but I’m still very easily tired so early night and ready for work this week. I have a couple of short weeks, four days next week and three the week after, hurray for the Easter Bank Holiday!

How was your weekend? What are your plans for Easter?

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