Four things

After yesterday’s moaning, I thought I’d go for something that keeps me sane. So the four radio programmes I feel that I can’t live without!

In Our Time.

I’ve probably wittered on before about how much I love In Our Time. I like Melvyn Bragg, I like the questions that he asks and I like how he gets four people who are experts in their subjects (which can be anything from Bismark, the Industrial Revolution and the Founding of Rome to absolute zero, gravity as a concept and anything else inbetween) and gets them to explain in words and ways that I understand. Every Thursday, I finish listening and I feel enlightened.

The Now Show and/or the News Quiz

These programmes fill the same slot at 6.30pm on Friday Nights and I love them both because I need to laugh at things by Friday night.

The Today Programme

Every weekday at 6am or 7am on Saturday, the radio is tuned into this. I love the Today Programme, my mornings feel weird it’s not on because I set my morning to it’s rhymthms, so I’m always out of bed by the first business update at 6.20am, I have to be out of the shower, dressed and putting my makeup on by the 7.30am news, I should be ready to leave the house just after Thought for the Day. I know that lots of people find the Today Programme annoying and shouty. I am not one of them.

The Russell Davies Show

This is an hour of music on Sunday night at 9pm, it’s about the history of popular music and is fascinating. I sort of want Russell Davies to be my dad!

Are you a radio person? What programmes do you love?

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