Other Peoples Recipes

So yesterday I wrote about how I menu plan, I didn’t write about what’s on it. So today I thought I’d link to the recipes that are on the plan.

Lots of them, in fact most of them are from other people, I love that the internet is full of talented people who invent great recipes, because then I can use them! If I significantly adapt a recipe (either ingredients or method) or it needs translating into English measurements and ingredients, I might post the details here with a link to the original.


However, copying a recipe in every detail and posting it as your own is bad form (not to mention stealing) and I try not to do that, while, at the same time acknowledging that it’s a difficult line to walk (I do a sausages with red wine thing that originally came from a Nigel Slater recipe when I was 21, I’ve cooked it so often, I haven’t referred to a recipe for years, it’s one of my staple things so if I posted it here would that be a breach of copyright?).

That aside,  today I’m going to link to the recipes that you won’t see on the blog because they aren’t mine, but I use them all the time and love them, so you should go and check them out!

Egg cups (from Back to Her Roots)


These are fantastic for mornings on the run, I make them on Sunday and take them into work for breakfast.

Quinoa Burgers (from How Sweet It Is)

Ok, so I make them a bit bigger and without the buns but they are really good even if I’ve never taken a photo of them!

Vegan Beer Chilli (from Back to Her Roots)


I did post an adapted (no chilli, English measurements) version of this. It’s a really good thing to have in the freezer and endlessly adaptable.

Corn and Black Bean Tacos (from Foodie With Family)


I really can’t get over how much I love this. I eat the leftovers for lunch…yum.


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