March in the kitchen

Another Wednesday without a recipe. I really haven’t been cooking anything new at all this month. Cooking this month has been about getting myself fed and the washing up done as soon as possible so I can go to bed and get some sleep.

However,  instead of worrying about the lack of new and creative food in my kitchen, I thought that I’d talk about what has been working for me in the kitchen this month.

Roast dinners.


From the Mothers Day roast lamb, the two chickens that have been roasted, one for dinner with Ryan and the other for Ma on Sunday. Living alone it’s easy to get into the habit of eating whatever, last week I had cheese and biscuits for dinner because I just didn’t have the energy or enthusiam for anything else. This really isn’t a problem unless I invite someone over for dinner, because asking someone for dinner and then feeding them cheese, while not unexpected at my house, normally comes after you’ve fed them something else. Roast dinners work really well for entertaining, when I’m feeling sub par. Unless you’re entertaining vegetarians, no-one dislikes roast dinners, they don’t take a lot of creativity and because I’ve been doing them for years they’re pretty easy for me to throw together. I haven’t been up for the full roast effort and so cheated a bit, new potatoes because there is no peeling required, sauted leeks instead of traditional veg, no stuffing but where required for Ben, Lu and Ryan, yorkshires and proper gravy. It’s not the cheapest option but you get bones to make stock with and if you’re lucky (no such luck with my family and a leg of lamb!) there are leftovers to use through the week.

Pearl Barley


I’m slightly obsessed with pearl barley. I love that it’s cheap, easy to cook and it has a slightly chewy texture. You can add it to stews and soup. I’ve been cooking it and adding it cold to salads (see above) or eating it hot like rice. It’s becoming the new pasta around here and while I’m not going to make any claims for it’s healthiness, it’s probably better for me than pasta..

Green Smoothies


I’m back to having a green smoothie for breakfast. I wanted something quick to make, that I could take with me and I was feeling in need of as many extra vitamins as I could get. So I make a smoothie and most often end up drinking it on the way to work from my new travel cup. All I really need is a new toy to make a healthy decision stick!

Corn and Black Bean Tacos.


I know that I’ve mentioned these before but they are a lifesaver. I make them for dinner and then get a couple of lunches or another dinner out of them. They are quick, easy, cheap and really good when I’m tired from work.

Mini bars of chocolate.


I like good dark chocolate but I also have a trashy sweet tooth as well. This month I started buying a selection of small bars of candy and chocolate. I get one a day. This seems to be working really well for me because a small bar is more satisfying than a piece of a big bar. I don’t know why but it’s working for me!

Other kitchen stuff this month has been using my local butcher for meat instead of the supermarket, honey and lemon and smoked salmon.

What new stuff have you been cooking, eating, doing in the kitchen this month?


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