Back to life

I’ve been in bed for 4 and half days. Today is my first day out of bed and in the office.  Since last Saturday I’ve:

Read two books

Slept approximately 18 hours every day

Only eaten soup

Finished the Night Nurse

Gargled with soluble asprin 3 times a day

Spoken only to my boss, Sarah and my mother


Today, I’m going to eat food that isn’t soup, re-stock the fridge (there are only 2 eggs, 4 carrots and half a cucumber in there currently), catch up on the laundry, change the bed and generally enjoy being able to swallow, talk and feel well. I know, the excitement just doesn’t stop!

On a more serious note, being properly sick does remind me how lucky and blessed my life is.  I’ve somewhere to live, a job and a very understanding boss, money and friends that are willing to bring soup should I need it. More than that, over the last 5 days I’ve had a lot of thinking time and I’ve just been amazed again about the things that I take for granted. That I can read and write, that I have electricity, clean water and heating. Over the past couple of days I’ve been I very aware of how much nicer my life is for those things and how lucky I am to be able to consider them basics.

So right now, I’m counting my blessings. Which seems appropriate for the start of Lent. Also, as we’re at the beginning of Lent I’m going to direct you to my post last year about Lent. I’m giving up flowers again, with the money going to Shelter.

What are you, glad about today? What are you doing for Lent?

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