Four Things

Rather than just go for four random things, I thought I’d list four blogs that I love to read, you know the blogs that I’m really glad to see an update from:


Jenny was one my first foodie penpal and she bakes and takes great photos of what she cooks. Jenny says she’s going to make some changes to her blog soon but I’m sure that photos will still make me hungry and envious of her talent!

2) Back to Her Roots

BTHR is technically a healthy living blog (I think) but Cassie’s focus is on overall health not just eating and exercise. One of the reasons I enjoy her blog is that she lives in the country and it’s an honest and interesting look at a world that is completely different from mine. Cassie is amazingly creative, which shows in her recipes (I’ve made these so many times it’s not funny) and her monthly printables.

3) My Radical Commitment

Krissie is so inspiring, she runs marathons for crying out loud! She writes about her commitment to running and being healthy spiritually, mentally and physically. She loves running so much she became a running coach and if I lived in Lexington, I’d be using her services.

4) Fit Foot

Janice had a major foot op last year and I have to confess, I read her blog for information on how to cope because at some point I’m going to have to have my bunions sorted out! Although the juice recipes she’s posting at the moment are making me think seriously about buying a juicer.

What blogs do you look for updates from every day?

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4 Responses to Four Things

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    Thank you Nic you’re so sweet!!

  2. myfitfoot says:

    Thanks Nic, much appreciated.

    Oh and by the way the feelings mutual I can’t wait for your posts as I never know what you’re going to tackle / commentate on next, great stuff!

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