The Weekend

This weekend was a complete washout due to me being ill.

I spent Friday in bed and not at work. I didn’t stay at Ma’s on Friday night as planned or have my haircut on Saturday morning. I did not go to Mike and Christelle’s on Saturday night.

My mum popped around after her haircut to deliver toiletries and Christelle and Mike dropped in to deliver, my Christmas present, a French Conté food parcel – cheeses, sausages, langues du chat biscuits, wine and a magnum of Cremant du Jura. Yum.

But this view from my bed was what I saw most.


On Sunday, I got up and got dressed! I had another opticians appointment and I’m working tomorrow so I really needed to sort out food and house for the week coming. So I cooked up a storm and have made vegetable soup from all the just past it’s prime vegetables in the fridge, French onion soup (I have a massive lump Conté, it’s the least I can do!), I’ve roasted vegetables and cooked lentils for tomorrow’s lunch, I’ve also made meringues for NYE dessert. I’ve also made a chicken meatball broth, that I’ll share when it’s been perfected.


That’s pretty much it. I’m still a bit croaky but feeling that a good night’s sleep will help and I’ll be right as rain and really for New Year.

How was your weekend? What did you get up to? Any big New Year’s Eve plans?

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