Oli and the animals

On Saturday, the family (me, Ma, Ben, Laura and Oli) went to Whipsnade.

It was a lovely day, the nephew was less than impressed with the ‘new, red buggy’ and I found his tantrum about sitting in it “I’m too big for the new, red buggy” very amusing. Nothing funnier than a kid having a tantrum and being very specific at the same time. Anyway he did sit in his buggy for a bit and a compromise of putting on his rucksack was reached.


First we saw the bird display


Gizmo the Owl

Laura explaining to Oli that he couldn’t stroke the birds…

After that we saw the sea lions

Playing dead

Oli consulted the map and then we went on the steam train and looked at some more animals..

Camels, hippos, flamingos (my personal favourite!), wallabies…

Mother and baby wallaby. They have the run of the park..





We also saw penguins, fish, butterflies, and other stuff but there are just too many photos for one post..


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2 Responses to Oli and the animals

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    amazing photos! I’m so jealous of your lovely day out!

    • nicdempsey says:

      I take that as a compliment, you have some pretty good days out yourself! It amazing to look at animals with a small kid though, the very existence of pink birds just blows their minds…

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