May Goals

It’s the beginning of May already, so time to think about how I did in April and what to do in May.

Lone Iris

So how did I do for last month? Overall it was a much better month, I have had two migraines but for much shorter periods of time and the physio is helping the pain in my knees which is making me much happier, bonus is that I’ve lost 6 pounds, because I think I’ve been better at planning my meals:

1) Money. £100 for the month.  Passed that one, actually had some money left over!

2) Exercise. I’ve sucked at almost every exercise goal I’ve set this year but I feel better when I do it. So I’m going to commit to the C210K programme, I did it last year and loved it. Pass, did some form of exercise three times a week but the running has been really at the mercy of the weather, (In typical English fashion a drought was declared and a hosepipe ban announced and I think that it’s rained every day since!) so I need an alternative plan and need to make more use of the gym. As a bonus, I also did physio stretches and exercises every day. 

3) Exercise 2. Fit in a person training session with Jem. It helps, he’s a pain in the arse sometimes, but he’s also quite inspiring. Pass, saw him in April when he broke me (strained neck muscles!) but it was good.

4) The demon drink. After Easter, no booze until my holiday on May 12th. This means that all Friday Night Cocktail posts have to be done this weekend or they will be non-alcoholic. Pass. I will confess to two glasses of champagne with Ma (evil temptress that she is) but other than that, no alcohol, no huge issues with it either (apart from the mock horror/shock from my friends). 

May goals.

1) Exercise – three times a week + physio stuff every day. I will be on holiday for a week during May but we plan to be pretty active so should be alright, what I really need to focus on is strength work, I’m fine with cardio but need to do more sit ups!

2) Money – £200 for the month. That’s for haircuts, dry cleaning, foodie pen pals, vitamins (which cost a packet), groceries and everything else!

3) Sleep – I have to get to bed no later than 10pm on a school night!

4) Drink – still on this one. Nothing until my holiday and after my holiday once (already a planned date with Maggie and Ma at Gilbert Scott). Not drinking helps me accomplish other goals namely the exercise and getting to sleep ones better, so until I feel that they stop being goals and start being habits, I want to really slow down on the drinking. (Listen to me, I sound like I normally down a bottle a night!)

5) I eat a lot of fruit – which is no bad thing, but I’ll like to swap 1 or 2 of the 4+ pieces of fruit I eat in an average day with something else, carrots and hummus, cornichons, something with a bit less sugar.

There you go…

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