Easter Weekend


Walk around Richmond Park – that’s a 12km walk in the sunshine…I was rocking a hangover and 5 hours sleep and I really didn’t think that I’d manage it, although I felt so much better at the end of it.


A cold and grey day. Got up, went for a run and afterwards met Ma for lunch in Richmond, we also bought Lu’s birthday presents. (no photos)


Ran first thing and family lunch for Laura’s birthday. I spend quite a bit of it following Oli around and finding ‘the moneys’ so we could try and get a teddy bear from the machine (although I think Ol just likes pressing buttons). He also showed us how well he could use Mummy and Aunty Nic’s iPhones…

Ma and I came home, slightly shell shocked from the very chatty cab driver, and drank Manhattans and watched The Princess Bride, which she’d never seen before and loved (as all right thinking people should!!)


Ma and I went out for breakfast, she went home and so did I to a lovely day of pottering around the house.

It wasn’t the most exciting of weekends but it was absolutely what I needed, some time with no major obligations or hassle or patience. The most difficult thing about having been so stressed at work is that it’s been really difficult for me to see other people and it was nice not to have to think about that and just to be.

I came out of this weekend feeling saner and more stable, which has really shown this week at work and with exercise where I have rocked. Since last Friday I’ve done 31km of walking or running outside of walks to and from the station or the shops. This can only be a good thing.

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