Kamm & Sons

Last night’s LCS was at Detroit and was all about Kamm & Sons.

Kamm & Sons used to be Kammlings and has just changed it’s name so as not to be confused with Kummeling (which is something else but I can’t find anything on the web to point to it.)


Kamm & sons is the invention of ex bartender and self professed drinks geek, Alex Kammerling. Alex talked to us about the creation of Kamm & Sons, he was (and is) interested in how alcohol has been used as medicine. Gin started life as a medicine and we talk about having a ‘medicinal’ drink even now*.

So Alex started to experiment, he wanted something that was a cross between gin and bitters, the dominant flavour in Kamm & Sons is ginseng. In amongst the 45 types of botanicals are 4 types of ginseng and he uses, the root, bark and blossom. Other than the ginseng there’s grapefruit peel, juniper, echinacea, ginko biloba and goji berries and manuka honey. It’s made like gin, with the botanicals being steeped in neutral spirit for 72 hours before distillation (Alex brought some of the distillate to show us and on my table at least, we liked it a lot!) and bottled at 33%. The slightly lower abv giving it more uses on the bar.

We drank it straight over ice with a twist of lemon peel. The ginseng really hits at first but then it mellows and manages for me (and please bear in mind I suck at describing tastes and don’t have a hugely sophisticated palate!) to balance nicely between the bitter and sweet.

There were also cocktails made with Kamm & Sons available, I had a Tipping Point (Chase Marmalade, Kamm & Sons and Punt E Mes) which was great and tasted a Grovensor (Islay whisky, Kamm & Sons and Antico) which was amazing

I’m really looking forward to trying this stuff at home and I learnt something. All in all a good Tuesday!


*no-one is advocating a life of alcoholism here, but moderate drinking has been shown to be more beneficial that abstinence.

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