Sunday Music: Mr E’s Beautiful Blues – The Blues

The Eels

This week London has been a bit foggy. It’s been ages since I’ve seen proper fog in London (2007 in fact) but anyway, it was foggy, I was walking to the station and this popped up on the iPhone.

Most people remember the Eels for their first album Beautiful Freak and most especially for Novocaine for the Soul. After Beautiful Freak,  Mark Oliver Everett (or E), the lead singer, songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist and occasional drummer of the band, went through some serious stuff. His sister committed suicide and his mother got cancer. The next album, Electro-Shock Blues, is the album I own. It’s the album that has ‘Mr E’s Beautiful Blues’ on it and it’s the most life affirming song I can think of. Last week in the fog, it seemed just about right..



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