Sunday Music

I grew up with Saturday musicals on BBC 2, it was the alternative to Grandstand

You may need to be British and to have been a child in the 1970’s and 80’s to truly understand what I’m talking about (when there were only 3 TV channels…). Nowadays I love football but I didn’t then and I wouldn’t watch the football scores come in….

So I watched the films from the 1930’s, 40’s and 50’s that BBC2 used to screen on a Saturday afternoon either in the dining room or in Mum and Dad’s room.

Not for Me is a song I remember from one of those films…..’Girl Crazy’, it always puzzled me that she was singing about Mickey Rooney but people are strange.. It’s a Gershwin tune and it’s very sad and full of self pity so suits me right about now…

Anyway in 1989 when Harry Met Sally was released (when I was all of 17) and Harry Connick Jr, who is only 5 yrs older than me (goodness I feel old and not very talented), did the soundtrack and sang But Not for Me, I knew all the words and had enough Irish in me to feel melancholy because, damn it, I knew all the words…

However, I can’t find Harry’s version via Google but I can find Sarah Vaughan’s version (and loving Sarah Vaughan is a DNA thing ’cause Ma does..something to do with the cousin that kept running off from National Service and was called ‘Big Mick’, as opposed to the other Mick in the family, yeah two of my mother’s cousins, both called Mick and both with the same mother – not the Irish family for a wonder…). Anyway, Sarah Vaughan..

While we’re here we might as well feature Ella…

Ok and Bille Holiday did it too

and Sam Cooke

Not sure about the orchestration of this but that voice..and the..’I’m so aware, I’m so aware she’s not for me”…beautiful..

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