Twelfth Night was yesterday, so I took my lovely tree down.

My tree goes up earlier than I’d like, if I spent Christmas at home, I wouldn’t decorate the tree until Christmas Eve and the tree doesn’t come down until Twelfth Night. My Christmas season ends with Epiphany. I love that, not only to feel that I’m doing something my grandparents did, following a tradition, but that Christmas ends with Epiphany. The idea that Christmas is a time when you find out something that changes your world and begin something new. For me and every other Christian, it does. We feel the joy of Jesus’ birth and over the 12 days discover what that means about how our life is going to change in light of that. I’m always sad to take the tree down, it’s gone from being vibrant and green to wilted and sad. It’s time for it to come out of the house and for life to return to normal, but life won’t be the same, Christmas happened and you are changed. I’m going to be changed because I’ll have straighter hair and will read new books (thanks to brilliant Christmas presents) and because I’ve had a job for over a month. I’ve also had I’ve had time to think about how I want my year to be, about what I want to be in the New Year.

During Christmas, there were family, friends, presents, food, warmth and time to rejoice in all the good things in our life. Hopefully there was time for reflection, thankfulness and epiphany.

Time to take the love and the joy we have and make that real for other people. Jonny has written about this, about how we can use the New Year to change the world.

My epiphany comes about my attitude, that sometimes, I’m so busy thinking about me and the people I’m close to, I forget the wider world. It’s easy to spend time with Ma,Christelle, Max and by myself reading books, I forget that I’m also called to change the world. So I need to make my 12 in 12, 13. I walked past a homeless person last week and I was so aware that if not for my mother (and the welfare state) I could have ended up there this year.  Given that and that now I have a job I’m in the top 10% of earners in the world I need to do something to help the people who aren’t as lucky as me.  I do have a long road to recover financial stability and it will be hard to find something I can do, but I need to do it.

That’s my challenge, so as a challenge for the 4 or 5 people who read this, tell me about an epiphany they might have had over Christmas?



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