What I’ve Read – October, November and December 2011

I didn’t post about the books I read for the last quarter of the year. I was reading and I was keeping the list. As I’m about to finish my first book of 2012, I thought I’d update about the last books of 2011! Keen eyed people will notice that’s 71 books read in a year and that I didn’t really achieve reading the books on the to be read pile! Bad Nic…

60. Living Dead in Dallas – Charlene Harris

I finished the omnibus I bought and that’s me done. The concept is great and but not a lot happens and I got bored, prefer the TV show..
61. Son of Neptune – Rick Riordan

Luc and I read this together and talked about it a lot. He has lots of theories about what is going to happen and I really need to find him something to read to take the edge off the wait for the next book! We liked this…
62. Club Dead – Charlene Harris

See above and now I’m done.
63. Sisters of Fortune: The First American Heiresses to Take England by Storm – Jehanne Wake

This was really fascinating. I learnt a lot about the early years of the USA (not something that you learn in the UK!!) and when the sisters got to the UK, I knew quite a bit about the people that the sisters met and married (Duke of Wellington and his ‘family’) so it filled some gaps in my knowledge. Really enjoyed this.
64. The Chalet Girls Grow Up – Merryn Williams

This was a re-read, borrowed from my mother and I now remember why I didn’t like it the first time. I accept that there are lots of things that aren’t quite right about the Chalet School series, but I got the feeling that Merryn Williams just didn’t like the books or the main characters of the series. If you loved the Chalet School, you probably won’t like this and if you don’t know what the hell the Chalet School is, the book is very depressing, no-one in the book is very nice and the bad things happen to them.
65. A Close Run Thing – Allan Mallinson

I stole this from Charles’ throw away pile during their house move in September. I really enjoyed it, put my in mind of the Sharpe novels. Allan Mallinson trained as an Anglican priest (I would imagine he was a bit Anglo-Catholic!) and served in the Guards. These things show. Other that that, our hero is thoroughly honourable and an excellent guards officer, you want good things to happen to him and eventually they do.
66. Lock and Key – Sarah Dessen

The first of three in a row. I like Sarah Dessen novels, but this was another one where the mother was useless. I worry about that. Fathers don’t seem to feature much and mothers are always rubbish. Love that you got to see characters from her other books really briefly too. It’s Sarah Dessen, you can’t go wrong but I would make sure that any teenager of mine had access to books with nice mothers in them.
67. This Lullaby – Sarah Dessen

This one had a useless father too and the mother made mistakes but was ultimately all right. Again enjoyed, will reread but could we have a Sarah Dessan character who doesn’t have useless parents? Why does Remy need to look after her mother? I know that children can and do feel protective of parents but arranging her mother’s wedding, really?
68. Last Chance – Sarah Dessen

I really liked this. That Colie had done the thing that she was supposed to do to be happy and successful, lost weight but she was still herself and how she works that out. But again with the mother issues…

69. The Passage – Justin Cronin

Loved this. Lots of people saw I was reading this and told me that they didn’t like it or couldn’t finish it. It is a long book, but I loved the way Cronin showed us a world slightly in the future (Jenna Bush as governor of Texas, New Orleans destroyed) and then tore that world apart and rather than tell us about how it fell apart jumped forward 100 years. It doesn’t tell you, this happens, it shows you and you have to work it out.
70. Friday Night Lights – H. G Bissinger

I loved this for totally different reasons to why I loved The Passage. I know nothing about Texas and less about American football or padded rugby as I always thought of it. I have now learned that it’s not at all like rugby and I also learnt about the republican heartland, something I shall think about as the US elections kick into gear. What comes across is how Bissinger feels for, likes and maybe admires these people even though he can see what they’re doing to themselves, their children and their town. I also was aware of the different styles of writing between US and UK journalism. Worth reading.
71. Crossed – Allie Condie

I know, I said no more dystopia but I’d started and I had to carry on. I have a horrible feeling that the Society is about to go all ‘Matrix’ on me, but we’ll see.

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