What I’ve Read – August 2011

I have to confess it was not a good month for reading in this house. Partly because I’m not commuting so I’ve lost 2 reading hours a day, partly because it was August and it’s my birthday month, so there was lots of eating, drinking and general making merry and reading wasn’t hugely on my agenda. I don’t really blame any of these things, I blame Sebastian Faulks and his book A Week in December. I really, really tried to get through it but I just couldn’t and because I didn’t want to admit defeat and start something else, I just stopped reading. I don’t know what it was about A Week in December that didn’t connect with me, the people in it didn’t seem real and I had trouble keeping up with all of them and caring what they were up to. I spent a lot of the time I was reading it wanting it to get to the point.

Eventually, 2 days before Greenbelt, I gave up and read 2 books in 2 days. So August’s total is 2 books.

52. Delirium – Lauren Oliver
53.  Bumped – Megan McCafferty


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