Greenbelt photos

I was only at Greenbelt for 2 days this year and missed so much good stuff but it was fun despite not getting to see much.

The Tiny Tea Tent got bigger and was still full

Yearn, the Grace service I got to be at was great (I would say that, wouldn’t I?). It was a re-do of a service done earlier in the year and I’d missed it so I didn’t really know what to expect. It was about the Prodigal Son, Forgiving Father, Cross Elder Brother*. I’ve always felt for the elder brother in the story and the service put a completely different spin on it for me. I loved Dean and Esther taking on the roles and discussing the situation, Dean as the elder brother, saying “you left and you destroyed Dad and took away my options, he was in bits, I had to stay” and Esther as the younger, pointing out that she didn’t know that, didn’t feel needed and didn’t ask for a party, so could he “please stop being an idiot and come in and have a drink!” The liturgy is here (although for the Greenbelt service we took out the swearing)

*delete as you wish.

Set up, Lis, Dwayne and the inflatable sofa…



During the service we asked people to talk about home and using either pictures or words to write what it meant and to put them on a fridge (like fridge magnets..)

Came home on Saturday night and the rest of the weekend is another post…

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