Heather had a great post on Friday about advice and asked for the best piece of advice that we’d been given.  I wrote this and I think it’s worth repeating!

Three things:
1) If it’s something you can’t tell your mother or your best friend, don’t do it!
Whether it’s the bitching about someone, giving up on the run, being involved with someone unsuitable, if you’d be too ashamed to admit to the people that love you, that’s a pretty good guide that you shouldn’t be doing it!!
2) You can do anything for a minute.
Running that bit further or faster, doing a plank, dealing with something I don’t want to be that housework, filing etc, you can do it for a minute and then see how you feel!
3) If no one died or got seriously hurt it’s not a disaster or a crisis.
It might feel like it but really it’s not, take a breath, you’re allowed to be upset/stressed whatever but normally it’s not the end of the world.

I think those three cover most situations.

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  1. I love all of them, especially number one.

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