What I’ve Read – June 2011

It’s been a really bad month for reading.  I just lost my need to read. It could be summer, it could be running, it could be the new job bringing me down, it could be that I needed to read the Peter Snow book slowly to take it in.  I’m not sure and I’ll need to find something in July to re-ignite my reading spark. I did however take some of my own advice and reread 2 books I recommended about Waterloo, as well as the one I was reading.

39. The Demon’s Surrender – Sarah Rees Brennan

Good end to the trilogy, still with the funny lines and it ended fairly happily but it wasn’t a magic ending, the major characters had to work for it and they still had to work out how to deal with the outcome. Also this book had lots of mentions of Ealing, Action and the surrounding areas. As a West London girl, that makes me very happy.

40. An Infamous Army – Georgette Heyer
I have wittered on about my love of this book, I’m going to spare you further gushing…

41. To War with Wellington: – Peter Snow
Already passed onto my brother, really enjoyed this. Peter Snow conveys his enthusiasm for the subject and manages to come back to the people who did the thing, using the  letters and diaries they wrote. As a result, I’ve spent the week telling everyone who has behaved badly that they are ‘shabby’, which is how Lady Caroline Lamb is described by her brother for her lack of letters! Also, much as Snow clearly admires Wellington, isn’t blind to the things that he didn’t do well.

42. The Spanish Bride – Georgette Heyer

See An Infamous Army..

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