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Things in my kitchen that I love partly because I like bowls (it’s something I’ve clearly inherited from my mum as she does the same thing) and it’s about how we build our homes. Once you get past the things you have to have in a kitchen (kettle, toaster, cutlery etc) the things you have and you use start to tell a different story. These things aren’t really worth anything but they are in my kitchen for a reason that goes beyond the fact that I use them practically, they have stories and history.

The the wooden salad bowl..

This one is from Cote d’Ivoire, Jo and Lazare took me to Grand Bassam for the day and on the way we stopped to look at something, Jo then proceeded to barter for me because I really am far too English to barter, I just can’t, I get far too embarrassed..(at one point she made me get back in the car and started to drive away) finally they asked a price that Jo thought was right and I handed over the cash. Lazare was convinced that we were robbed but I love this bowl, more so I think because I brought it home in my suitcase..

This bowl/plate wasn’t a gift, I painted it…

I wanted something simple and plain and this seemed right, it’s great for eating pasta out of and I love that I had an idea and it worked (it makes me feel quite crafty!)

The blue salad bowl…

Way back in the dark ages when I left home, this was a gift from Stef. I use it a lot and it’s still in pretty good nick.

The little painted bowl was another gift from Jo.

I have no idea where it comes from, it could have been brought back from her travels, it could have come from a shop down the road, but it’s very pretty and I like it..

Lastly is the tiny bowl that came from the Chinese supermarket via Tina.

It was part of a set of 4 and I have no idea where the other 3 went, but I suspect they got smashed when I moved. Tina bought them because she liked the way the light shone through the sides, they are mass produced and you can probably buy loads of them in any Chinese supermarket, but that’s Tina’s gift, to see something worthwhile in everything. I also love that it’s the last of it’s set and I could replace them but this one is the only one in my house.

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