What I’ve Read – March 2011

Ok, I did read more than one new book in March, even if it’s way into April before I’ve managed to post this…

18. Suite Scarlett – Maureen Johnson

This is another one that I read and ended up giving to a friend’s daughter for her birthday. I loved the idea and I loved Scarlett’s voice. I knew that Lois (friend’s daughter) would too.

19. Darkest Mercy – Melissa Marr

The last of the five books that kicked off in Wicked Lovely. I loved Wicked Lovely and have read all five of the books. Seems to me that they trailed off and I was disappointed in the happy, happy ending. However, it’s a YA book about faeries, why did I expect realism.

20. This World We LIve In – Susan Pfeffer
Now this one ended with no real answers. Nothing in the world that Susan Pfeffer has created is ever really going to end well. I kind of wish that the story had picked up years later, when maybe we could have got a sense of how society would have changed in response to the moon and the ‘new world’.

21. The Reapers are the Angels – Alden Bell
This was so beautiful and sad and brilliantly written. I’ve seen it described as a literary zombie novel but that shouldn’t stop you reading it. It did remind me of ‘I am Legend’ and it made me cry.

22. Sisters Red – Jackson Pearce
There was some kerfuffle over this a while back. (I had read Living Dead Girl and thought that withdrawing it from the list was wrong, although I would be careful about who I gave it too) So of course I wanted to read the other withdrawn books. Sorry Bitch Magazine, you were wrong, wrong about Sisters Red too…

23. Aristocrats: Caroline, Emily, Louisa and Sarah Lennox 1740-1832 – Stella Tillyard

In the introduction, Stella Tillyard says that the letters the Lennox sisters wrote to each other were in some ways so modern and in others so distant. This was fascinating and I really enjoyed it.

I seem to have a pattern, couple of ‘easy’ books and then finish the month with a non-fiction book that takes a little bit more time to get through. I had an aim for 50 books this year, so am well ahead of target…

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