Cold and Christmas

Today I left work early, bringing work home, only to find I have forgotten to email the document I was working on. I should have known it was going to go like this. At 6.30am, I opened my fridge to get the milk and found that last night I put three glasses (the ones that you drink out of) in the fridge, instead of the cupboard. I blame the cold and the stress it is putting on my limited usable brain cells.

Speaking of the cold, it’s nasty and renders me bunged up, croaky, unable to think straight and extremely grumpy. I mostly spent the weekend in bed, except for the couple of hours that Ma came over yesterday and we went out to buy a Christmas tree. So at least the tree is up.

The grumpy mostly comes (I think) from the growing sense of panic I feel that it’s 4 days from Christmas and I have bought a grand total of 4 Christmas presents. Two of those are for Olly. Although I am aware that I need to get a move on and buy the damn things, I can’t really summon the energy or enthusiasm for any of it.

So it’s going on the list of things to do tomorrow and I’m going to bed!!

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