Only a month and a half…

I moved out of Ian’s at the end of April and it’s felt like a huge learning curve, like this time will lead to lots of other things.  Inspired by something else, I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learned from this very short time:

I’m more like my Dad than I’d like to admit
My mum and brother are so like my grandfather….organised, good at maths, slightly anal about train and bus times. I am not, much more ‘caught up in the moment’ like Noel.  And also like him, a bit more ginger…

I’m really looking forward to being an aunty
Sorry Ben and Lu, but it’s way past three months and pretty much everyone knows.  Roll on Dec and from then on, you may address me as Aunty Nic…

I really love my mother  
But more than that, she absolutely one of the best people I know (slightly obsessed by recycling but still amazing) also that she is a lot like my Grandad…

Support comes in many forms

Stop looking for people to be there all the time, remember to appreciate the other stuff

Oh Brother

Even though he never phones me, can be a git and needs to have everything his own way, I love my brother and think he will be an amazing fatherDSCF0429

I do want to travel more
Cote D’Ivoire was an amazing holiday but I was spoiled being at the Residence and with a set of such brilliant people to show me around and if I haven’t already said it thank you – John, Matt, Lazare and most especially Jo.

I would like to spend more time with Jo who I have known for nearly 20 years and admire for being so damn clever and talented but also this year I remembered why she is important to me, she just opens up my world – always has… (sorry Jo that was a bit soppy)


…and how to make it…

I love my job
despite how annoying it can be….I’m enjoying myself

Camping can be fun
It just needs a bigger tent (and a tent mirror)DSCF1685

After 6 years, I’m ready to live in on my own again.
Wasn’t sure that I could but am really looking forward to it

Not very profound but enough for the minute……

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