she doesn’t even want a camcorder…

…my mother is back from holiday.

One of the things that she likes to do is the codeword puzzle in the Evening Standard (yep it’s right wing – she likes to know what the enemy is up to!!)  Anyway the puzzle, it’s similar to a crossword, but all the letters have a number and you have to work out what they are and you find the codeword.  There’s a prize but Ma never calls for the prize, she just likes doing the puzzle…

However, the puzzles have been getting harder, Ma thinks that more people have been entering the contest so they are making the puzzle harder.  After a week of not doing the puzzle, it’s extra hard tonight, and she’s struggling a bit and getting more frustrated, until she suddenly utters the immortal words “I don’t even want a f***ing camcorder…”

I love my mother…..

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