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Be a grown ass adult and cook your damn dinner

This is a bit ranty and was written last week, when 3 people told me that they would love to cook more but they didn’t have the time to cook like I did because who had time to make their … Continue reading

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Rights, freedoms, duties and obligations: Why we need to stop criticising the US and learn about our Constitution

I was going to put this in tomorrow’s post but it got a bit long, so no food or allotment post today, come back next week. I’m British, this is written from that perspective, I am not disputing the right … Continue reading

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Not as expected…a small rant

It’s a feature of me getting older but I’ve noticed a worrying trend towards things not being as advertised. Here are three that are troubling me this week. Example One A new bar called Steam and Rye, it’s a new … Continue reading

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