Monday Miscellany: Heavy Lifting

Happy Monday!

For the amount of grumpiness I have, I actually consider myself to be a pretty happy person. I have reached a age where I don’t really care what others think about my choices and honestly, I view being this age as a privilege rather than a problem (I have one grandparent and one parent that made it past 53, and I’m already older than my Grandma Iris was when she died!). However, there is one thing I’m not enjoying about this age, and that’s peri menopause, because it sucks and because one of the things I seem to be experiencing with it, is cystitis, which is what happened last week and was horrible and more debilitating than I remember…

So most of last week was not good, I worked from home for 4 days and took my antibiotics and didn’t drink coffee, alcohol or fizzy drinks and generally felt like pants!

By Friday, things were looking up, which was good because there was so much to do over the weekend. There was allotmenting and emptying the living room of most of its contents so the floor can be laid on Wednesday.

Empty-ish living room
Full bedroom

It was a productive weekend but I think it involved too much lifting heavy things for a woman of my age and fitness level, I’m shattered!

This week I have four days of work and Friday off to see Christelle, which also, thanks to the Bank Holiday gives me a four day weekend. In fact, the rest of the month is mostly going to four day weeks, next week and the week after due to the Bank Holidays, then I have a week off and one full five day week and another Bank Holiday! Looking at what’s happening with work, I was planning for this to be a quiet month before things really started to kick off but I’ll be covering for a colleague for this week and maybe some more of the month, so my busy period starts now…

Have a good week…

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