Monday Miscellany: Week Two

Happy Monday!

I’ve been at Ma’s a week and it’s going fine. I’m finding it both delightful and strange to have all my washing done (and everything ironed) as well as coming home and finding dinner on the table. I suddenly really understand why my colleagues with wives at home are so relaxed about everything!

I’m not enjoying the 6am wake up quite as much but when did I ever? I am quite enjoying the walking into the office although, I’ve had to enlist Mum’s help with stretching my hamstrings each night to help un-tighten my hips. Once I’m home and the flat is unfucked, I’m going to have to put some serious work into yoga to unfuck my lower back, hips and knees (getting old is no joke!)

The rest of the week was also ok, I ordered the fridge freezers, got a picture of the stripped back kitchen. It’s all happening.

On Saturday, I headed off to Christelle and Mike’s for dinner, which gave Ma a rest from me. I got home on Sunday and we had a cosy afternoon and I had an afternoon nap.

This week, I’m ready for more of the same. Work is also going to be busy, Ma is out on Wednesday, so I will have to cook my own dinner (the horror!) and its Grace on Saturday, so we’ll see if I can make that. I have no idea what will be up with the flat by then. I’m hoping to be able to spend the weekend painting the bedroom but suspect that the kitchen won’t be finished and I’ll have to spend another week at Ma’s, we’ll see.

Have a good week!

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