Friday Links: Struggling To Be Optimistic

Happy Friday!

It’s been a while. Mostly because to be perfectly honest, it’s been hard for me to remain cheerful with the trash fire that is the world in general and my country’s government in particular, it’s also November and I didn’t plan sufficiently for being busy at work and November in general.

Anyway here are some links:

No-jokes Jeremy Hunt can’t bridge gap between Tory fantasy and reality

The appalling death of Awaab Ishak shows how social housing tenants are treated as an underclass. All tenants are treated as an underclass, social housing is marginally worse in some places but basically if you don’t have a mortgage your function is to pay your rent and be grateful. The state no longer sees decent housing for everyone as it’s job.

Atlantic overfishing was already a problem. Then Brexit happened. As a species, I’m beginning to think that we deserve to go extinct. We have all of this knowledge and we can’t act on it because we’re too greedy.

Like Trump, Elon Musk reveals a vapid mind super-charged by wealth and ego

‘Enough to feed a family of four’: Kenyans embrace urban farming as food worries rise

It’s the menopause, stupid – why Britain can’t afford to ignore women’s health

It’s ****ing big and it’s ****ing clever: why swearing makes you fitter, happier and more persuasive

Private renters twice as likely as homeowners to have anxiety, UK study suggests. Oh yeah, even when you have a good landlord and have lived in a place 13 years. My landlord is decent and does things the right way but I’m not looking to the rise in the rent next year.

Want to understand Britain’s decline? Try catching a train in the north of England

In Britain today it seems your suffering only counts if you have a mortgage

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